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Healing Through Ritual: Ascension

Piestewa Peak

Piestewa Peak, Arizona

My children’s father and I amicably worked out the settlement of our divorce in mediation without attorneys.  In Arizona where we lived, the mediator agreed to shepherd the papers through the courts.  Awhile after the mediation had concluded I went to my mailbox and opened an official looking letter. I discovered I’d been officially divorced by the Maricopa County court, four days earlier.

Although I’d known the final document was coming, I wasn’t emotionally prepared to receive the papers in such an impersonal way.  I became profoundly sad.  I called a divorced girlfriend who understood the swirl of emotions surrounding the finality and we talked it through.

My life moved on, and ultimately I moved back to my home state of Iowa to resume my practice of law and mediation. Three years later, I married FP. I loved my husband and we settled in to our life as a married couple.   I was so grateful that I’d been given a second chance. Continue reading

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