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One of the most beautiful gifts my ex husband FP ever gave me was introducing me to the poem Ithaka by Greek poet Constantine Cavafy. I loved it from the minute he read it to me, when we were newly married and he was sharing the books that he loved. When he read it to me my heart felt so full, not only from the contents of the poem but from the idea that a man I loved was reading me poetry.

As a gift back to him, I searched until I found a photo frame shaped like a sailboat, which I found during one of my trips to Arizona. I typed a portion of the Ithaka poem so it fit inside the frame, giving it to him to keep on his desk as a reminder of our journey together. It was so precious to me that X years later I asked him for the frame back when we parted and I was grateful, but at the same time disappointed,when he willingly turned it over without protest as though it meant nothing to him. Continue reading

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